Hopium DeFi aims to be a decentralized metaverse where every user retains sovereignty over the data they generate. The most valuable data or information exchanges will take place in a permissionless, secure, and trusted manner platform. At the same time, all the network participants will retain sovereignty over the ownership of data.

Hopium DeFi platform will progress to organize humanity's most valuable assets and make the assets discoverable and verifiable. The ecosystem will connect the physical and digital worlds (blockchain, smart contracts, metaverse, NFTs, and decentralized finance) into a single connected reality.

The reliance on a single-chain economy will put a hindrance to the growth of the project, therefore Hopium DeFi is aiming to launch a multi-chain strategy to expand the reach and the capacity of the consensus layer.

The project will make way for information to be shared across a plethora of data sources, bridging together users that were traditionally not able to perform data management in such a way.

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